Monday, September 14, 2009

Meal Plan

S: birthday party
S: birthday party
M: spinach, ricotta & mushroom tarts w/tomato salad
T: chicken schnitzel w/potato panckaes w/salad
W: putanesca - him; potato & leek soup - her
T: spaghetti bolognaise
F: fish & oven fries

S: beef cannelloni
S: pumpkin & ricotta ravioli
M: chicken florentine
T: pumpkin risotto
W: steak & salad
T: chicken burritos
F: lasagne


  1. Hmmm my butter cream has never separated yet - but I have heard that heat can be an issue with it. Sorry I don't know what to suggest!

  2. actually now i think about it, maybe it was that extra spoon of caramel topping i added lol, maybe it was too heavy? oh well, i will just have to try again...

    i did top them still with the nuts, snickers and drizzled chocolate and found they were excellent sans frosting.