Friday, September 11, 2009

The Past and Present Meal Plans

This was last fortnights (please excuse the typing and no photos, the camera is here, somewhere....)

S: beef stroganoff
S: chicken caesar salad
M: spaghetti bolognaise
T: spinach, ricotta & mushroom tarts w/tomato and pinenut salad
W: tacos
T: creamy pacnetta & roast garlic parpadelle
F: theo's (you might see this pop up alot, its our local charcoal chicken place that the husband visits when I work on Friday nights. 
S: out
S: chive & ricotta gnochi
M: chinese beef noodles
T: fish (him) & lamb (her) w/salad and oven fries
W: veal schnitzel w/creamed spinach & veg
T: enchiladas
F: quick grab-what-you-can- meal because we were heading to the football

The Present:
S: pumpkin & ricotta canelloni
S: steak w/onion gravy & veg
M: homemade pizza
T: grilled chicken w/pumpkin & spinach salad
W: potato & leek soup
T: spaghetti bolognaise
F: take away after the football (nothing sader than eating crap at 11pm after your team has lost, but alot.
S: chicken caesar salad
S: Fathers Day (out)
M: lamb cuttlets w/veg
T: spinach & ricotta pasta shells
W: sweet potato topped beef pie
T: roast cauliflower, sage & almond risotto
F: fish (him)

I am almost done with this coming fortnights.  Reading back on the last months worth of meals, it seems I like to cook with ricotta!


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