Sunday, May 24, 2009

Master Chef.

If you watch Master Chef on chanel 10, you'd know about those mashed potatoes from the first master class.

I love trying new things in the kitchen, and truth be told, my mash is a bit meh so i watched the clip again and set out on my pomme purees mission. I baked my spuds on the rock salt, scraped out the fluffy centre and lossened them up with a fork (i know they said to use a seive, but really, i couldnt be bothered, oh and my friend L tried it and told me it made a mess, so that step went out the window).

On the stove went the milk to warm up and then added to potatoes over low heat and then mashed them a bit with a whisk and started to add the butter.

This is where i wish someone else was cooking so i didnt have to see the quantity.

My heart was hurting adding knob after knob, but i kept saying 'its a treat its a treat its a treat'.

Whisking away the potoatoes turned into a creamy cloud that i couldnt wait to try, and being the cook, you just have to taste test! OMG. So good.

It was served with grilled steak and some veg. Oh and i also attempted a red wine jus, also inspisred by the lamb glaze that George made in the same episode.

So would i make them again? Maybe for dinner guests, too much effort for mash.
Was it worth all those calories? I really dont think so. Save them for desert!

Which brings me to the sticky date pudding i made. I got the recipe from and it is seriously not only the BEST sticky date i have ever had, but is now my favourite thing to make.

Well, its another wet day in Sydney town, so whatever it is you have planned, i hope you have fun!


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