Saturday, May 30, 2009

Knock knock.......

I have been pestering the husband ever since we moved into our house for a new front door. It was a very old water-logged, orange glassed, horrid thing. Anyway, because my husband is a bit more practical than me, it was noted and agreed upon that we would wait until we built our front verandah before the new door so we wouldnt get the same water-logged problem as the old one.

Smart man my husband.

So here she is, in all her natural (read: unpainted) glory

She will get a coat of paint when we decide on a colour.

These were the ones that jumped out to us at bunnings. I wanted a bit of a statement colour.

But we have managed to narrow it down to 3 finalists.

We are both a bit fond of the bottom one as its a bit more brown which will match the warm colour of the lounge room, but our hall way is more grey so the middle one will go better, but then i like the purple in the top.

I think our poor door will be naked for a while.....

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  1. i love bunnings and their samples. i used to make colour charts for the children using them. actually i still have them here somewhere :)

    hopefully you two can choose on a colour.