Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meal Planning

Im a meal planner, have been since, oh how long have i been doing to housewife gig, um, 2 1/2 years now.

I read about it in a magazine years ago and the idea of it is to minimise food waste and only buying for the meals you have planned.

I dont go to the extreme of planning breakfasts and lunches, but dinner time would be a disaster if i didnt know what i was cooking when i got home from work.

So it started. Every other Thursday night i rummage the pantry and freezer to see what i already have to make meals of, then raid my cookbook cupboard to see what interests me and also ask the husband if he has a hankering for something in particular (the response is usually mexican or pizza).

4 lists are made. One for Woolies, one for the fruit market for the 1st week, one for the 2nd week
(i couldnt fit 2 weeks worth in our fridge), and one for the meat market.

I find a fortnight meal plan and subsequent grocery shop works for me. I think i'd hate Woolies if i had to do one every week.

Then, just in case you thought i wasnt insane enough, i make a little chart for the fridge that explains when and what we are having, also has little notes from time to time for things i might need to prepare a day or two in advance. Like if i need ricotta for something, but dont want to buy it 10 days early for example. You will also notice that i like to change the font and colour of my chart. Yeah, im that exciting.

So here is this fortnights meal plan.

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