Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Hay Days.

So you know that choc coconut slice i was telling you about from the weekend, it turned out gorgeously as i'd hoped, although the critic of the house (husband) said the icing was way too sweet. Crickey, it must have been for Mr Sweet tooth himself to mention it. So next atempt will be only a thin layer of melted chocholate, not the icing sugar mixture thats currently adorning it.

I'm really starting to get into Donna Hay. She has some amazing books out and her magazine is really pretty. Im not one to buy magazines, except for the christmas editions for Womans Weekly and Family Circle, but for that past 3 months i have bought every edition of Womans Weekly and also grabbed the latest Donna Hay over the weekend. I think i will start buying them all the time now.

Oh and did you know that Donna Hay has opened a shop? I am really looking forward to heading into the city to check it out.

Anyway, here is the choc coconut slice.

Look at the lovelly shopping list i got free with my mag this edition. She must have known i'm a list freak. Thanks Donna!

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