Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My little lamb.....rack

I love lamb. Who doesnt?

Actually a few people i know dont, apparantly it has a strong flavour. It does if you think about it, but oh man, i just love lamb!

Saturday night on the meal plan read: macadamia crusted lamb rack with warm potato and bean salad.

This is what was served up (it was also a trial run for mine and my Mums birthday lunch in a few weeks)

The lamb was delicious. Ok so the crust looks a bit like a polenta crust, but i will add some fresh herbs next time and maybe not use the cornflake bread crumbs i used without realising (it did make it nice and crunchy though!) and yes, thats 5 cutlets you can count. Dont judge me, i love lamb.

And the warm potato salad, waaaaaaaaaaay to vinegar-y for me.

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