Wednesday, July 15, 2009

28 by 28

I've seen a few other bloggers do their own lists and I thought I would attempt my own. I will admit that this list has taken me since my birthday (1 month ago) to actually complete. I am not that goal orientated, so it was a challenge to think of 28 things I want to do in the next 11 months. Yikes, not a year anymore, better get cracking!

1. Buy myself some Tiffany & Co.
I have been to the store in Sydney 3 times, all to buy things for others. No fair!

2. Get to my 10 year anniversary at work.
I will have been at my job 10 years in March 2010. I hope I get there.

3. Learn to play my keyboard.
This was a gift from the Husband for my 25th birthday. I just had to have one. I think it hasn't been played in 2 years.

4. Make a kids birthday cake.
You know those iced creations from the Womans Weekly cook book, they look daunting and challenging, and fun!

5. Avoid McDonalds & Hungry Jacks.
The Husband and I went to HJ's a few weeks ago for a quick lunch. I felt crap all day afterwards. Never again.

6. Start donating plasma and platelets.
I donate blood, but i want to step it up a notch and donate these as well.

7. Build our wood fired oven.
I have the perfect spot for it, I can see many a pizza night on our deck too.

8. Decorate 'my room'.
We have a 3 bedroom house, 1 room is ours, 1 room is the office/music room, and the other is a nothing room, currently residing in there is the unplayed keyboard and a very uncomfortable futon sofa bed. I have BIG plans for this room.

9. Eat at L'Etoile.
We are MASSIVE Manu Fieldel fans from Ready Steady Cook, and have been putting off going to Bilson's where he is a chef because, lets be honest, I can't part with $45 for a main that I'm not sure of what is actually in the dish, that was until we found out he has opened up his own bistro in Paddington, L'Etoile. A little more us (read: in our price range).

10. Cook zuchini flowers.
Something that I have never been able to find at out local fruit market, but did spot them at the growers market at Castle Hill. No excuses now!

11. Visit the Hunter Valley.
Never been, love to go, might be a spot for our anniversary get away?

12. Go to Max Brenner.
Simple task you would think, but each time I go I am so put off by the massive que snaking out the door and around the corner. One has opened at a shopping centre near us, so maybe a random Wednesday night would be better after a visit to Max's.

13. Make afternoon tea for my Nanna.
One regret I will always have is not taking my Nanna out for tea when I had the chance. She is too frail to leave her nursing home, so if Nanna can't go the scones, the scones shall go to the Nanna.

14. Go to Dubbo Zoo.
Another place we will go 'one day'. No more saying 'one day'.

15. Drink French Champagne.
Just to spoil myself.

16. Buy (and not kill) a pet.
We have thought about a bunny, but might start with a gold fish.

17. Finish landscaping our yards.
We have an empty garden bed at the front and a lop sided garden bed out the back. Time to fill the blanks.

18. Watch 'Gone With the Wind'.
Just to see what the hype is about.

19. Learn to say 'no'.
I often bite off more than I can chew, I must start putting 'me' first, but not in a selfish way, of course. Just trying to be more realistic in what I can manage.

20. Get Jovica to give blood.
Just another thing that has been put off over the years.....

21. Go to a Gold Class movie.
Again, just to spoil myself.

22. Go shopping in Paddington.
I love love love the markets at the school, and also the lovely shops on Oxford St. I don't go to that part of Sydney often so I am going to commit an entire day to it. Also Donna Hay's shop is there.

23. Go on a picnic.
In summer I plan to take advantage of being so close to Nepean River and day light savings.

24. Go to a State of Origin game.
Just something we put off as well. Game 3 is on at the moment so it makes me extra excited to go.

25. Rebuild the linen cupboard.
It's not really practical. It needs to be painted. I don't like it. It needs a revamp!

26. Take my mum and dad out for dinner.
They spoil us so much, so I'd like to return the favour.

27. Go to Canberra.
Just to get away for the weekend, maybe when its not so cold.

28. Make the 'perfect' cupcake.
I struggle with cake mixes, and icing. This challenge could cure both!

Wish me luck!