Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weekend getaway - Bathurst part 1

Last weekend, we went to Bathurst. Everyone we told assumed there was some kind or car related reason as to why we were going. Ok, so it is home to a pretty popular and unique race track, but surely there is more to this country town than a race track.

Gladly, I can report there is.
There is the superb gardens in the town centre, the views of the surrounding paddocks and hills when you look down the streets, the old houses (some of which are being restored to their former glory), the one of a kind shops (most of them were closed though, but I love that they still believe in closing at midday on a Saturday) and Annies.
We left home about 9.30ish on Saturday and headed the Bells Line Of Road way, as opposed to through Katoomba. The drive was gorgeous, thanks to perfect weather. I was so tempted to stop at the fruit shops at Bilpin, but decided that on the way home was probably a better idea (FYI, we didnt stop on the way home, far to cold and wet, just wanted to stay warm in the car).

Arrival at Bathurst around lunch, perfect, time for food! We checked into our accommodation (side note, people at Bathurst need to look up the word 'luxury' before they use it to describe their hotel) a lovely self contained unit. Thankfully, ours was truly luxury. Well, compared what else was on offer. We cann't rave about the encore apartments enough!

The bed was tidy, but i just had to jump on it before i took a photo

We walked into the town centre to search for some lunch. As i mentioned there was not much open, even the cafes closed at 2pm. The husband is a bit of a meat pie connoisseur so we tried Becks bakery. I opted for a turkish bread roll with chicken cheese and sundried tomato. Verdict on the pie - not good. Drats. Not to worry, time to explore the town (and take photos!)

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