Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weekend away - Bathurst Part 2

I had seen Annies Ice Cream Palour on the big map I bought and thought it was one of those typical ye’ olde parlours you see in every other touristy town (you the ones that just have the massive tubs of Streets of Peters, and you hoped that the milk maids were out back churning the ice cream by hand). Well yet another gem found in Bathurst. Its ALL homemade!

Bathurst is big on War Memorials.

In the other park, more of a garden.

Lovely little cafe, unfortunately was closed :(

But! We got Annies!

Oh it was as a kitsch as I'd hoped!

In the little Bathurst Museum, $4 well spent I think.
By 5pm it was starting to get pretty chilly. We headed back to the unit to have some coffee to warm up and quick back before dinner.

We had foxtel in the room too which was a bonus. Only because we had the sport channel and the 5.30 game was about to kick off. Ask me who was playing, go on. You guessed it, the Eels! I couldn’t believe our luck. And I had made a 7.30 reservation for dinner too, so that meant we could watch the entire game. Usually I make dinner for 7pm, someone was looking over us that day! Oh and yes, we won too.

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