Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy few days

I'll start with a picture of the sky from last Friday morning. It was beautiful! What a lovely way to start the day.

I do have my new meal plan to share, it was ready on Saturday, but I need to amend it as Saturday and Sunday night didn't go according quite to plan.

The husbnads Aunt is in hospital recovering from a stroke. Friday night she was admitted, things didn't look good. Saturday saw some improvement, and as each day passes she is talking more, awake longer and wanting to sit up. All good signs. So Saturday and Sunday nights were spent with family. Why does it always take something like this for extended family to get together?

Saturday-day I went to the growers market at Penrith. I have been to the Castle Hill version, and must admit it is sooooooo much better (and bigger). I did manage to buy some chocolate (later to discover they were horrid) and some eggs.

And while I was walking past the theatre, I noticed that Steel Magnolias the play was, erm, playing there. Great! Mum had said only last week she wanted to see that! On closer inspection, tour dates are 1-4 July. Saturdays date. The 4th. Dam! But the good news on the theatre front is that Mum and my tickets are booked for Chicago the musical! Im so excited!

I will return with the meal plan and what very well could be my first succesful batch of caramel slice!



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