Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weekend away - Bathurst Part 3

Dinner was at what I think was the only restaurant that wasn’t in a pub or Chinese take away. Cobblestone Lane was just beautiful. So filling, oh my goodness I think I could have rolled out of the place.

Entree - Hazlenut & chive souffle

Main - Spinach & Ricotta gnocchi with swiss chard

Chocolate fondant. To. Die. For.

The next day we woke to a not great day, weather wise. All the more fun I think, I was prepared for cold, I didn’t get cold on Saturday, but boy, did I get cold on Sunday! Another good thing about Bathurst is that everywhere is adequately heated. You actually need to take a layer off when you go into a shop/cafe/where ever.

We found a cafe (that was in the pub) open early so we ate a hearty breakfast (me the toasted muesli, him the omelette with bacon, mushroom and shallots) and head up to “the Mountain” to do some car things.

On the starting grid, pole position, of course!

At the very very top of the Mountain, the view is breathtaking.

Oh, there is a Museum on cars too.

A few hours and some rumbling tummy’s later it was lunch time. We had spotted a steak house place so we’d thought we’d give it a go. Wish we hadn’t. We had no luck with lunches in Bathurst! Oh well, we will try a pub lunch next time.

My steak sandwich was ok, not sure it tasted Angus-y though.

Oh and did you think we could leave without another trip to Annies? I think not.

Husband didn't really have 2 ice creams, he was trying mine.

Thanks for reading my epic tale of our little trip to Bathurst.


  1. i love bathurst. my mum was born there and november last year was my cousins wedding there. was freezing but so worth it.

    the reception was actually on the mount. you would have driven past it!

    my two of my four aunties still live there. one works at the court house and the other at coles.

    looks like you had a fabulous time! xx

  2. we did, it was great, already planning to go back in spring!