Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catch Up!

Well, its been a while. I apologise, i have been stricken with a rather bad cold, but i am back! Almost 100% and ready to catch you all up in the happennings of my little life. I'll do it in point form, it will be easier. Let pick up from Saturday 20th:

*Got my delivery of Tuppaware goodies from my party (my mother in law bought me some biscuit containers as my birthday present which i was thrilled to receive) and started to notice i was getting a sore throat.

*Head to Bunnings to collect our chosen door paint. Change mind, I start looking at orange and red shades, husband gets annoyed with me and we agree upn a browny-purply colour called 'coffee house'. Get home, look at the colour again and decide to rename the colour 'choclate yogo'. IK! Apply first coat and hate it.

*Caught up with some friends over dinner at Little Italy at Blacktown. I had high expectations and was kind of let down. By the service mainly. And i thought it a little pricey for pasta at Blacktown. Wont return.

Sunday 21st
*Woke up to the worst cold in history. I think it may even be worse than man flu (NO! i hear you all say), aching back, temp of 38.1, stuffed head. Feel. Really. Awful.

*This has now ended any chance of any baking i had planned, retire to lounge and stay there while the husband collects dinner and makes a pretty good nurse.

*Husband continues to paint door. Still hate it.

Monday 22nd
*No work, couldnt possibly make the drive into Parramatta in one piece. Back to bed to watch infomercials on the "Sham-WOW" and consider ordering 1 (would have been 2, because i would have gotten 1 for free!) Did you know it holds 12 times it weight in water!

Tuesday 23rd
*Back to work because the thought of sitting in a medical centre's dirty waiting room to declare my symptoms to my GP so he could tell me to go home and rest and keep up my fluids for the sake of a medical certificate is too much to bear (this work place policy really grinds my gears, having 2 consecutive days off for having a common cold should be mandatory and shouldnt be accompanied by a medical certificate. Maybe if its an employee who constantly takes time off, but i have a mountain of sick leave i have accumulated over the 9 years, yes 9!, i have been with the company. Doesnt that count for anything? ok rant over)

Wednesday 24th
*Witness the demise of the NSW origin team. Shame, shame, shame. In bed before full time.

Thursday 25th
*Do you know i couldnt even tell you what i did.... Can tell you i still hate my door.

*May have passed on my cold to the Husband, oops.

Friday 26th
*Wake to the news that Farrah Fawcett has lost her battle with cancer.
*Reverse out of my driveway and slam the brakes when i am told Michael Jackson has passed away. What?
*TGIF! But for me and another lady i work with its a late finish (10pm) as we try to get our office in order for another financial year. This is re-occur for many Friday nights to come....

Saturday 27th
*Sleep in, oh lovelly sleep. Skip house work. Get stuck into baking! Karen Martinis salted peanuts and chocolate chip biscuits. (I now use the unsalted peanutes as husband couldnt warm to the salt and chocolate combo)

Tools of the trade - its all done in the food processor!

Creaming the butter and sugars


Add 1 egg, cinnamon, honey and vanilla

Blitz! And again with oats and flour

Mix with heaps of choc chips

And because the husband wanted some with and some without nuts, make separate batches.

Try not to eat them all at once!

I also managed to make a cheesecake, its still in the fridge. Untouched. I'm tempted to dig in, but i will wait for tonight.
*Meet my brother in law for Thai (last week was cancelled so it was now this week). It was delish! We let him order as he knew what was what and we dined on Pad Thai, Beef and veg with Chilli Jam and a red curry chicken thing that i cant remember the name of. It was wonderful. I can recommend Saute in Phillip St Parramatta.
*While there i suggested we go to Max Brenner after for hot chocolate. Then i looked over the road and spotted a new cafe called The Chocoalte Room. Hmm decisions. We decide to walk to Max's, but spot the massive que and walk back to The Chocolate Room. Oh. My. God. I will have to go back and remember to take my camera! The little chocolates are like mini pieces of art. The hot chocolate is rich and decadent and so many varieties! Must return soon!
That brings us to today. Another sleep in, yay! Sun is shining so more laundry is being done and my mammoth pile of ironing just wont go away, even wishing with all my might, it wont disapear. Damn. Think of me as i tackle my most hated part of house work, oh how i hate ironing!

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