Friday, June 5, 2009

Who knew $5 could bring so much joy.....

and help to make a bad day better?

oh, and thats not a ginormous doughnut, its a small coffee!

and, my day got even better when i walked in the house last night to the smell of baking. In my house. And i just got home. Who could be baking? The husband! Oh, i was so excited. Ok, so it was only a Better Crocker packet mix, but the house smelt amazing, he washed the dishes, AND started dinner too! And i thought i was the domestic one.

Whenever i bake cakes, they always end up sinking, i dont know why, but just they do. So i was uber impressed with the husbands effort (and so was he, bless him)

So its Friday, YIPEE! I'm not celebrating early because i still need to get through today, which for us is a big deadline day at work. But i will get through today minus doughnuts, cant promise minus the coffee, sorry!
Have a wonderful Friday!

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