Sunday, June 7, 2009

You win some, you lose some

Today i am hosting a Tupaware party for a family member who is starting her own party-type-business-hosting-gig.

So with that comes the task of catering for the event, and because i rarely do anything by halves when it comes to cooking and entertaining (read: always makes way too much food, and usually about 8 different dishes) i was really determined to plan this one right.
Its such cold weather lately (being winter and all) that i am really concious about serving my guests something warm, not some ribbon sandwiches straight from the fridge. I would have loved to have made some little cups of pumpkin soup, but i thought they would go cold if people didnt have them straight away. So i stuck to simple finger food that i could easily prepare and leave at room tempreature. Genius! So the menu for today will be:
*Spinach, ricotta and mushroom tarts - we have a bigger version of these for dinner sometimes so i know the recipe well, I served with a tomato and pine nut salad, for this event i am making miniature ones, sans tomato salad

*Tomato and basil bruschetta - simple and yummy

*Corn fritters topped with avacado salsa - i LOVE corn fritters so this was an easy choice.

*i cheated and bought a packet of yum cha - only because i needed to get a bottle of sweet chilli sauce for the above salsa and because we usually dont have it at home, i wanted to serve it with something so i wouldnt waste it.

And because i cant help myself :

*Mars bar slice

*Tea cake - was supposed to be Julie from Master Chef's Lemon Diva cupcakes but i ran out of normal sized cupcake cake cases so i thought i would be smart and use the small ones, and just put them on a baking tray. I thought wrong. This is what i found in the oven 10 minutes after i put them in

So that explains why i am serving tea cake bought by mum from the bakery on her way over. So that makes the husband officially the better baker of this house (for this week, anyway).

So that was my lose. Bloody cupcakes!

But, my win was my lovely mars bar slice, so easy, wanna see?

1. Melt these over low heat

2. Mix with this

Like so

3. Press into a slice tin

4. Cover with milk chocolate

Then cut them into squares or rectangle, what ever you want and try not to eat them all at once!

Oh, and if you are wondering why i am blogging at 4.30am, the husband has gone fishing with some of the other Tupaware husbands and i couldnt sleep with so many things to do today, so i'm up, blogging and about to do some ironing.

Have a lovely Sunday, oh and Monday, because its a long weekend! YAY!


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