Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend wonderful/27 candles

2 blogs entries for the price of 1 today. bargain!

Weekend wonderful
The niece came over on saturday for our little slumber party (which i was hoping included a full night slumber from the wee one) aka operation "dont go home with too many bruises from hitting your head on the coffee table".

Im happy to report there were no bruises, plenty of giggles and i even managed to get a sleep in til 8am! (oh boy sister wasnt happy with that! cheeky lady usually rises at 6.30 for her! oops)

She is a pretty easy kid to look after. She was happy running laps around through the kitchen, down the hallway back through the lounge room and around again, all without hitting many obstacles in her way. Pretty clever actually. Here are some pics to show her off

Playing "round and round the garden" with her nan aka the reinforcement.

Then on Sunday her mum and dad, and my mum and dad came over for an early birthday celebration lunch. I made the lamb rack again and it was soooooo much better this time around. We had it with a really nice and easy potato bake and a warm mushroom salad. Oh and the sticky date pudding for desert/cake.

27 Candles
Yesterday was my birthday. I got a sleep in by husband not going to work early which was wonderful. I had been very firm in my request for no presents this year, i dont neet/want anything, and i wasnt doing the normal chick thing and then pout when no present was given. I really meant it.

But to my absolute delight, husband had gone above and beyond (by that i mean he drove all the way to Miranda! hey, its not close to us!) to buy me a beautiful pair of earings. They are lovely. Im glad he ignores me sometimes. hehehehe.

I also got the happy little bird Pandora charm from my sister and mum is taking us to see Chicago the musical (not Peter Cetera).

And last night we went out for dinner. Us "westies" are lacking in restaurant choices out here. Unless you like a yeehaa steak house, or KFC you're pretty much out of options. Sure there is Church St in Parramatta that has many restaurants to choose from, but they are all overpriced and last time i tried to enjoy a meal in Church St, someone decided it would be funny to scare the crap out of all the patrons by throwing a setting of fire crackers out their car window. OK, so after all that we decided to try good ol' Black Stump at Wentworthville.

The restuarant is pretty new (used to be Chillis) and is really nicely deocrated (no pics, left the camera in the car, too cold to go back and get it). We both ordered the rib eye on the bone and it was delicious. So tender and just perfect. But not more perfect that desert! Ah my favourite course. I had the waffles and husband had this icecream concoction thing. Both were really nice, but husbands was the best, because it had peanut butter through it. Ah my 2 favourite things; icecream and peanut butter, only better when combined.

Promise when we go back i will take pics

DC xoxoxox


  1. happy birthday for yesterday!

    im a westie too! my boyfriend and i used to go to a pub/eating place in parra - not in church street in one back from it - if you drive down palmer street [i think thats what it is then turn left - assuming you've come off church its on the corner across from a bike place] love the meals there and decently priced!

    i love hogs too! can never go wrong with hogs. :)

    oh and if your out as far as me - which im assuming not or just want a drive - st marys leagues club has the best food in their cafe - i recommend the crumbed fish and chips and salad - the fish is huge and you never go home hungry!

    on saturday boyfriend took me out for breakfast in penrith at theodores cafe in high st - i had pikelets, banana, maple syrup and cream yummy except they smoothered the bottom of the place in maple syrup :( next time asking for a jug! 9.80 for that alone. i think out bill came out as $30.

    sorry that turned out so long just thought id share my favourites :)

  2. hi carly!

    we love hogs breath too, its a bit sentimental to us, we had our first date there many many years ago.

    Thanks for all the recommendations, there is actually a place in (i think it might be high st too) penrith that we want to try, its opposite the good guys, it serves your food on a hot rock or something?