Friday, June 19, 2009

Yesterday driving to work....

it started to rain, while the sun was out. Not only did that make it very glarey, it also gave us peak hour ants a pretty rainbow to look at. Pitty about the servo in the foreground though.

And not to leave out the drive home, this is the usual view, lots of brake lights!

Today is Friday. To say this week has flown is an understatement. I will be back tomorrow with our meal plan, havn't had a chance to put one together yet. Tonight we are going to a Thai restaurant. I've not tried Thai before (gasp! i know!) I'm told its very good though.
We dont have anything planned this weekend, actually i plan to do a bit of baking so i might be back with pics of my creations.....
What are your weekend plans?
Hope you all have a great day
DC xoxox

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